Cream + Caramel

Monochromatic dressing is my MO.

You know how much I love a head-to-toe navy or gray look. And burgundy has become a new favorite in the past year.

But I’ve only just started to dip my toe in the cream/caramel/tan waters.

It started with this particular outfit last winter, which I unapologetically wore once a week (sometimes twice). It continued with this dress in spring, and this linen outfit in summer.

Caramel faux-suede pants that feel like butter. A silky t-shirt that hangs nicely. Funky sneakers that are fully gym appropriate. A cozy wrap that feels like a hug. An on-trend bag (for a steal).

If last winter was all about the fleece tunic, this fall is all about long t-shirt and cape.

I wore this for a marathon Saturday with Rho (play date, brunch, birthday party). It’s also an ideal travel outfit or casual work outfit – just swap the sneakers for nude flats, the cape for a white blazer, and the net bag for a tote.

And if you really love this outfit, I highly recommend you pick up the same pants in olive and navy and their matching t-shirts.

Some outfits are meant to be owned in multiples. This is one of them.

Other easy, effortless outfits I love – this dress/bomber combination, the power piece that dresses up any look, and what I wear on when the weather is terrible.

I share new outfits on Wednesdays. You can find (and filter!) them all here.

Photography by Molly Smith