Wylde One Elixirs

Coffee coffee coffee.
Wine wine wine.
Coffee coffee coffee.
Wine wine wine.

Both drinks have been my fuel for well over a decade now, save for the year or so I was pregnant and nursing Rho.

While I could live without them, I don’t want to.

But limiting them is probably a good idea.

Both drinks have been my emotional crutches during stressful times – fundraising, potty training, or just a really long, hard day. The more stressful the day, the more coffee and wine I find myself drinking.

It’s not the healthiest of choices. Nor is it a proper solution to my stress.

We all know what the real solutions are – a good night’s rest, plenty of water, exercise and healthy eating.

But sometimes you just need to drink something.

Enter Wylde One.

These elixirs are formulated with all the buzzwords you’ve heard – adaptogens, nootropics, medicinal mushrooms. Each elixir is formulated for all the reasons you reach for wine or coffee. Brain Buzz and Supertonic Energy are perfect morning or mid-day pick me ups, and Yoga In A Cup is ideal for unwinding in the evenings.

And when your body needs a boost to prevent or fight colds and the flu, there’s Immune Shrooms.

I’ve been a bystander to Wylde One’s journey, from when Stephanie first told me the idea to trying the formulations she’d whipped up in her kitchen. She has been relentless in sourcing the highest quality ingredients, finding the best manufacturer, and developing formulations that improve your health and taste good.

Wylde One’s elixirs definitely have an earthy taste, but a little lemon juice or some stevia makes it more palatable. I like to add Brain Buzz or Supertonic Energy to my golden milk or matcha, and I’ve been replacing brandy with Yoga In A Cup or Immune Shrooms in a hot toddy in the evening.

My morning coffee and evening wine haven’t gone anywhere. But they’ve definitely returned to healthier limits, thanks to Wylde One.