My Dry Brushing Routine

Do you dry brush?

It’s a practice I’ve done on and off, but I’ve been more consistent about it lately. And it has to do with a unconventional step in my routine.

I apply this body oil before I dry brush.

Oil massage (from the feet up) is an Ayurvedic practice that’s gotten more popular, along with tongue scraping and oil pulling.

And it’s become one that I’m treating myself to more and more.

I play this playlist, dim the lights in the bathroom, and light a candle. I’ll apply Sahajan’s ritual body oil, starting from my feet and coming up to my neck.

I follow up the oil with this dry brush, starting at my feet and brushing up in circular strokes. I find that the oil makes the dry brushing less painful and more like a massage. It also helps the oil sink in better into the skin as well as improving circulation and minimizing cellulite on my skin.

Sahajan’s ritual body oil is expensive ($55), but I apply it lightly. A 100 mL bottle has gotten me through about 15 dry brushes, it smells heavenly, and it didn’t cause any reactions to my sensitive skin. If it’s out of your budget, I recommend this oil or this one.

After I’m done dry brushing, I like to let the oil sink into my skin for a few more minutes. I’ll continue my evening ritual with washing my face (with this brush) and massaging this mask (with a few drops of this oil) on. I finish up my Ayurveda-express routine with a scalp massage with this tool.

A quick shower, pajamas, and I’m usually fast asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

I should probably do this routine more. Like, every day.

Which means I should get another bottle of this body oil.

Here’s my makeup routine when I’m short on time, the other tool I swear by for my face, and the palette that made me an eyeshadow person.

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