Brad’s Veggie Chips

Chips are my weakness.

I love all chips – thick-cut kettle chips, salty tortilla chips, crunchy Fritos (preferably served with this chili).

My favorite, though, are Doritos. All Doritos.

They’re so good for your soul – but so bad for your health.

Enter Brad’s Veggie Chips.

The same friend who introduced me on my favorite protein bars got me hooked on these chips.

“They’re so healthy – and so good.”

She was right. The ingredients are virtuous – buckwheat groats, at least 4 vegetables, and spices. The sodium content is far below that of a regular bag of chips (only 5% DV), and they’re full of fiber and low in carbohydrates.

The taste? Delicious.

Brad’s Veggie Chips are bursting with flavor, are satisfyingly crunchy, and don’t leave you bloated and sluggish the way a regular bag of chips do.

The only downside is the price – 12 bags will set you back about $60, and you’ll easily finish a bag in one sitting.

Worth it? I certainly think so. No other chip soothes my soul and my hanger quite like these.

Other snacks I swear by – the aforementioned protein bars, a Daily Harvest smoothie, and this protein-packed golden milk.

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