Breakfast Smoothie

I’m not alone when I talk about suffering from hanger. I’m also not alone in being bad about breakfast.

What’s a woman to do?

Enter Daily Harvest, the company that has single-handedly solved the “I’m starving and I don’t want to cook” problem. Their prepared smoothies have been the reason I have breakfast everyday.

Rho loves them too, which is a lifesaver on the mornings he refuses to eat. “Eggs?” “No eggs!” “Yogurt?” “No yogurt!”

“Moana?” “Mama MOAAANA!”

“Green ba ba?” “Yeah mama!”

Our favorite flavors are bananas with greens, acai and cherry, chocolate and blueberry, and peach and strawberry. I like to save the avocado and cacao for a healthy-ish dessert in the evenings, and the watermelon smoothie when I’m dehydrated or feeling a little bloated.

While the smoothies themselves are pretty filling, I like to add a few extra ingredients to make it a full meal. Here’s how I prep my Daily Harvest smoothies:



Blend all ingredients until smooth. A high-speed blender is best (I love my Vitamix)

No muss. No fuss. Just a delicious breakfast, every damn day (or when I’m not feeling ambitious enough to make this).

This post was not sponsored by Daily Harvest – I just really, really love the company.