Cork Dork

Pour yourself a glass of wine.

What do you see? What do you smell? What do you taste?

I see red, smell something smoky, and taste something slightly sweet and with medium body. Bianca Bosker, however, would identify the wine as ruby, smell blackberry and tobacco, and rattle off a variety of flavors before correctly identifying the wine’s region, vintage, and age.

Somms. They have wine superpowers. But unlike Spiderman, it takes years of study, practice, and straight up hustle before they’re recommending a specific glass or bottle to us.

Not Bianca. She traded her job writing about tech companies to throw herself headfirst in wine – tasting it, studying it, and ultimately writing about it. Cork Dork chronicles her self-designed wine education, from her first foray managing a restaurant’s wine cellar through her sommelier certification journey, and everything in between.

This book is bigger than Bianca’s journey. It’s a phenomenal primer on wine – from the grape to the glass, the grower to Burgundy collectors. It feels as if you’re right next to Bianca, learning from the same scientists and sommeliers.

I finished Cork Dork last Sunday, feeling a little sad that my journey with her had come to an end. I promptly made a Monday reservation at Terroir, for both my father’s birthday and to continue my wine education.

Plus, I was dying to meet Paul Greico.

We did meet Paul, and we did taste some incredible wines – a floral Italian that smelled like lavender, a leathery (in the best way) Barbara d’Alba, and a sparkling riesling that slightly tart (and perfect for me).

And we met Bianca, who I promptly fangirled over. We laughed, chatted about wine and writing books, and scribbled down some recommendations.

She is as warm, funny, and curious in person as in her book. Maybe even more.

And, of course, we tasted.