The Myth Of The Nice Girl

You need this book. NEED.

It will change your career. Change how you manage conflict. Change how you set and meet goals.

It will change your life.

Fran Hauser has a career that many women aim for (myself included). She climbed up the jungle gyms of the corporate and media worlds with grace, and now advises and invests in game changing companies – often led by women.

How did she do it? By being nice – while staying strong.

The Myth Of The Nice Girl shows you how to do the same.

Part memoir, part how-to guide, Nice Girl is a playbook on navigating the many difficult situations in the workplace, with both tactical and strategic advice you can actually use. Fran opens up and shares how she handled various situations (both effectively and not-so-effectively), and offers straightforward tips you can begin using immediately.

So much of what Fran shares has helped me at home as much as work – communicating more clearly, managing the home workload and ongoing work, and generally just being nicer to my family.

Fran herself walks the walk. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she’s a devoted mother, wife, and philanthropist.

And she’s truly the nicest person I know.

If you need a little more nice in your life, get this book. You won’t regret it.

See how Fran begins and ends her day. This book and this one will similarly change your life for the better, as will this one. I share a must-read book on Fridays. You can find all the reviews here.

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