All About The Cape

I love a cape.

I love the polish it adds an outfit. I love that it makes me feel like a superhero. I love that it covers my upper arms (which isn’t my favorite part of my body – ladies, we all have them).

And I especially love this breezy one for summer.

This cape, paired with my favorite maxi dress and flats, was the perfect outfit for a marathon of a day – jury summons, a Heymama event, meetings on meetings, and then rushing home to Rho.

It was cool enough for the long walks downtown. It kept me warm in aggressively air conditioned rooms.

It made me feel like a million bucks and as if I were wearing pajamas.

You’ll probably see me wear it next week on Instagram. Trust.

My other go-to outfits this summer – this linen number, this beach look, and this not-so-basic basic outfit.

I share a new outfit on Wednesdays. You can find them all here

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