The Pajamas I Won’t Shut Up About

I know – I won’t shut up about these pajamas.

But they’re just so good. 

I’m skipping the usual Wednesday day-in-the-life post to talk about these pajamas because they’re truly the best.

The ones I’m wearing in this picture are my first pair. I’ve washed them weekly (and sometimes twice weekly) for the past two months, and they’ve just gotten softer with every wear.

The Amazon reviews are downright confusing when it comes to sizing. Some claim the pajamas fit perfectly, others state that they’re two sizes too small.

Here’s my experience. I’m a standard size 6/8/M, and I’m on the short side of normal pant sizes (at 5’4). These pajamas, in size M, fit me perfectly.

They are meant for sleep, so they’re not the most flattering. These pajamas are loose-fitting and comfortable – which matters most when I’m sleeping. Equally important is how they wick sweat away while I’m sleeping, which happens. I’m not the first woman to experience night sweats, and I won’t be the last.

I’ve also thrown on a draped trench (usually in the same color) over them to run errands, and no one has given me the “is that woman in her pajamas?” side eye. Which is saying something, when you live in New York.

Most importantly, I’ve been sleeping better since I started wearing these pajamas. Following a solid night routine may also have something to do with it. But I do believe that wearing pajamas that make me look and feel good, in equal measure, has helped me sleep better. Even on the nights that I’m up late working.

In short – if you want comfortable, classic pajamas that you can wear in public without shame, these are the ones. I guarantee it.

Especially since they’re a budget-friendly $25.

Short-sleeved/pants style ($25) – Short-sleeved/shorts style ($22) – Long-sleeved/pants style ($30)