What I Know For Sure

What I know for sure:

  • There is nothing better – nothing – than Rho running into my arms and giving me a big hug.
  • The more time I spend away from my phone, the better.
  • Cooking feeds my soul as much as it does my body.
  • A glass of red wine and a good book will cure any bad day.
  • When in doubt, wear MM.LaFleur.
  • Stop buying AirPods, because you WILL lose them.
  • The moment is where you need to be.

And Oprah will never steer you wrong.

It was prescient that I read this book on Thursday morning. The bomb cyclone raged outside. Rho occupied himself with one of his many puzzles while I made a second cup of coffee and cracked open this book.

Underline. Highlight. Fold. Sip. Repeat.

What I Know For Sure is the best of Oprah’s essays by the same name, published for the past 14 years in O magazine. It was the perfect book to pick up after our trip – both inspiring and comforting. Reading it felt like getting my body, my mind, and my soul hugged by Oprah herself.

I’ve been flipping through the book every morning and re-reading some of my favorite passages, depending on my mood. Her ‘Clarity’ essays are perfect when I’m feeling overwhelmed. When all I want to do is roll over and go back to sleep, I force myself to say “thank you!” aloud, because Maya Angelou made Oprah do the same when she was crying to her. And I can’t help but smile when I revisit her road trip with Gayle (and really, every time she mentions Gayle).

The book is pure inspiration – much like the author herself. Watching (and re-watching) her Golden Globes acceptance speech just reaffirmed it.

And while I’m not in favor of Oprah 2020, I am here for more Oprah in general.

Much, much more.

I recommend that you enjoy this book with a steaming cup of chai in a beautiful cup, a cozy blanket wrapped around you (Oprah’s favorite, naturally). Once you finish this book, pick up Winfrey’s The Wisdom Of Sundays – and her favorite bath oil while you’re at it. If there’s something Oprah knows for sure, it’s that a hot bath in a room lit with these candles, is the solution for just about anything.