Is That A…Uterus?

I wear it with my stretched-out jeans and sneakers, when I have to run out the door and drop Rho off at school.

I’ve worn it with a navy pencil skirt, tights, and black ankle boots for meetings at The Wing.

I’ve thrown it on top of pajamas when I binge watch Madame Secretary and scroll through Pinterest, when everyone’s asleep.

I wear it once a week. Okay, twice.

It is, hands down, my favorite sweatshirt. In more ways than one.

First – comfort. I own a lot of sweatshirts, and this one even beats out my Home T hoodie in terms of softness.

Then there’s the design. Hello, uterus. Oh hi there, ovaries.

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear your reproductive system right on your chest, like a superhero?

We women are superheroes. We persevere in toxic work environments, mansplaining AND manspreading, and doing it with grace. And oftentimes in heels.

We also can grow humans. And birth them. And feed them.

I think about the incredible women in my life.

There’s my mother, who worked two jobs in addition to helping my father in the lab during his Ph.D program.

There’s my aunt, who raised her son as a single mother while working 3 jobs. She later went on to be one of the nation’s top ranked real estate agents.

There’s my best friend, who’s quickly rising up the ranks at Cisco and just gave birth to a beautiful baby.

There’s my former assistant, who navigated a difficult year with complete grace and is now a MPH candidate at one of the top programs in the nation.

There’s my intern, who I’m convinced will cure blindness (or do something equally consequential in healthcare).

There are my friends who are creating and running game changing companies – MM.LaFleur, Werk,, Heymama, and The Wing – and doing it on their terms.

We can honor women in a myriad of ways – by paying them equally, helping them advocate for themselves, giving them public recognition (loudly and frequently).

And we can rock a sweatshirt that puts our values right where everyone can see them.

Full disclosure – a portion of all proceeds from this collection goes to Planned Parenthood. While I love and support the organization, I understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.