Minority Leader

Feeling depressed about the state of politics?

Me too, friend. Me too.

It’s understandable. Take a beat to disconnect from the news, focus on your loved ones, and pick up a book.

This book, in particular.

It will restore your faith in American leadership. It’ll reignite your fire to get back in the political game.

Most importantly, it’ll introduce you to an extraordinary woman.

Stacey Abrams is the Democratic candidate running to be the next governor of Georgia.

She’s also a woman after my own heart.

Abrams is the consummate multi hyphenate. She’s a serial entrepreneur, a public servant, an author (ahem, Selina Montgomery), and she is not here for your excuses.

Minority Leader is part memoir, part self-help book, and a swift kick in the ass.

Abrams shares her best life lessons and practical advice on everything – working with people whose beliefs are the polar opposite of yours, managing a team that doesn’t care for you, work-life Jenga, and the responsibility we all have to get involved with government.

Abrams makes no secret of just how hard this is. But she outlines every step, every action, and every single thing you need to do to help make it a reality.

Minority Leader is an extraordinary book, written by an extraordinary leader. And re-reading it today assured me that it’s time to take a little break and continue to fight for the causes that matter to me.

One of those causes? Getting Stacey Abrams elected.

Need to restore your faith in politics and the judiciary? I highly recommend the Hundred Acres trilogy, Sisters-In-Law, and Protect And Defend.

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