Beauty Bar Face Massager

My skincare routine hasn’t changed much since I shared it here, save for one product.

And it’s made has made all the difference.

The Beauty Bar was a impulse purchase on Amazon, in an effort to not purchase the Clarisonic facial massager that both Lauryn and Grace rave about.

Clarisonic what?

While the Beauty Bar doesn’t do much for lymphatic drainage, it helps your products penetrate your skin more deeply, thus boosting their efficacy.

And I mean all products.

I use this Beauty Bar every night after applying all my products (currently this serum, this eye cream, this face cream, and this oil), gently moving it upwards on my face. When I’m running on little sleep, I’ll apply these eye patches after cleansing and use the massager to help the product sink deeper – and I see a significant difference.

My undereye circles have noticeably lightened. My cheeks feel more plump. Even my pores look smaller.

The Beauty Bar also works wonders with a sheet mask after a long flight. Just cleanse, apply mask, and sweep it up your face for 2-3 minutes. It makes such a difference that I bought a second one for my toiletry bag.

At $10 (it’s one of the least expensive models on Amazon), it’s worth a try. Especially if it’ll make the more expensive items in your skincare routine work more effectively.

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