Wander Beauty Wandress Fever Palette

I can pack a suitcase like no one’s business. Triage an inbox with 100+ unread e-mails in under an hour. Whip up a healthy dinner in 20 minutes.

But put an eyeshadow palette in my hand, and I’m lost. I don’t have the patience to blend, the shadow in my crease always seems to spread, and I usually look like the loser in a Rocky movie by the end.

It’s not pretty. Literally.

But I welcome a challenge, and have been practicing my eyeshadow application all year.

The Wandress Fever made all the difference.

Every color in the palette is universally flattering, regardless of your skin type (a magic of Wander Beauty that I have yet to fully comprehend). The eyeshadow glides on with minimal blending, and builds nicely without creasing. While a primer definitely helps it last longer (and is necessary for hot, humid days), you don’t really need it with the Wandress Fever.

I’ll sweep the neutral, leftmost color all over my eye region, and follow it up with the shimmery champagne or gold over my eyelid. If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll apply the rust or olive in my crease and as an eyeliner in my bottom waterline. And I always finish with a bit of the illumination in the corner of my eye, next to my nose.

It’s like coffee for your eyes, and I’m here for it.

While the brush they offer is perfectly good, I prefer to use the dual-ended brush from MAC x Padma collaboration.

Between that tool and the Wandress Fever palette, I get the perfect eye. Every time.

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