The Hype Is Real

If you read other blogs, chances are you’ve seen this fleece before. That’s how I discovered it.

I first saw it on Julia. “That looks cozy.”

Then on Carly. “What a perfect thing to wear in the winter.”

And then I couldn’t help but follow their influencer dinner a few weeks back. “Does every blogger in Connecticut own one?”

It turns out they do. It’s because Dudley Stephens has designed the impossible – fleece clothing that happen to be extremely stylish.

But how to wear it?

I’ll admit, I went out and bought these suede leggings strictly because of how Dudley Stephens styled this fleece. But studded boots and a simple gold bracelet helped make it more me.

It’s pulled together. It’s certainly comfortable. And it’s a much more stylish upgrade to the Patagonia and basic black leggings I typically wear when working from home.

There’s more to this company than fashionable fleeces. I love that Dudley Stephens is a family business, founded by sisters Lauren Stephens and Kaki McGrath. Their unique vello fleece (a softer, more lightweight version than Patagonia or North Face pullovers) is spun from recycled yarn, and all their pieces are made locally in Brooklyn.

It’s a fleece that looks good, feels good, and does good, with a portion of all sales donated to Books For Kids.

Worth the $160? Abso-freaking-lutely. You’ll wear it all winter and into spring, support a women-led business, and look fantastic.

But if you’re working with a stricter budget, I like this top (on further sale!) and these faux suede leggings.

Because, options. Also, because budget.