April Showers

You can tell, can’t you?

I. Am. So. Over. This. Weather.

Winter seems worse than usual this year. The temperatures stubbornly remain in the 40’s, snow seems to fall every other week, and the constant clouds and rain bring me down.

I fully understand the mass exodus from New York to Los Angeles now.

This outfit isn’t meant to inspire or transport you to an ethereal, perfect world. No, my friend. This outfit is armor to face the brutal weather that seems to hate the entire northeast.

The ultimate raincoat. Rain boots that look like regular ankle boots. A water-repellent bag that keeps my laptop safe from the elements and all my belongings organized. A cozy fleece that keeps me warm.

The hair tucked into the top? It’s to keep most of it dry.

The bubble umbrella? It makes me happy – and keeps me dry.

The coat, boots, and bag have seen me through rainy days here at home, and during my trips to Vancouver and Napa. That they’re still in wonderful condition and kept me warm and dry yesterday is a testament to their quality. If you’re on the hunt for new rain gear to see you through these April showers, these are it.

Also, those May flowers better be spectacular.

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photography by Kenneth A Forde