You’re Gonna See Me Roar

Things that I’m tired of – news fatigue, failing to get into a book that others are obsessed with, and this weather. Mostly this weather.

Things I’m not tired of – golden milk after a workout, that hour every night when I read in bed with the fireplace roaring, Jane The Virgin, and this outfit. Specifically, the whole turtleneck/skirt combination.

It’s very Meghan Markle. And I’m very here for it.

It’s been nice to add another work uniform to my repertoire of dresses (this one, specifically) and a pants/top/long sweater combination. And while the black sweater, tights, and boots are among my winter staples, a leopard print skirt is a new addition.

It’s one that I like. I like it a lot. It’s a refreshing change from my more conservative skirts and pants, and gives me a little extra oomph in the moments I need them.

Pitching investors. Meeting with potential brand partners. Dinners with friends. It works for all of these occasions, and almost all seasons.

Come spring, I look forward to ditching the tights and the oversized bag and pairing the skirt with these pumps and a structured satchel instead. In summer, I’ll wear it with a cropped black t-shirt and simple ballet flats. And this whole look will return next fall and winter.

Now if spring would be sprung. Please spring forth.


Other items coming to my rescue this winter – this rich face cream, these Vitamin D and energy supplements, and matcha (so much matcha). Here’s a peek inside this tote, a top I’ve been wearing all winter, and another favorite work look. 

I share a new outfit every Wednesday. You can find them all here.