On Good Days

My shirt is wrinkled. My hair has been up, down, and mostly in a falling apart bun. Rho spilled milk on my pants this morning. I probably have mascara on my eyelids.

This is me, in my me-est form. On a day that was a really good day.

Waking up, working out, and getting ready before Rho woke up. A no-screen morning and dropping him off at school on time. A long meeting with our legal team. An afternoon at The Wing, getting work done and taking meetings. A nap in a long Via drive home. A visit from a friend (and my designer) to prep the house for a home tour shoot. More work. Making dinner while Rho attempts to climb up my legs. Successfully resisting the urge for a glass of wine. A hot bath and a mask. Finally finishing The Power (loved the story, didn’t love the writing). Asleep by 10:30.

These kinds of days – when I feel like I nail it in every role of my life – are my favorite kinds of days. They are a rare, special day when I fall asleep with a deep sense of fulfillment, rather than a never-ending to-do list running through my head (and subsequently keeping me awake).

Good days are made better with great outfits. This one is a basic one, but it suits me for every role I have – mother, entrepreneur, friend, homeowner – on the days I’m running around like a madwoman.

The perfect pair of pants (and worth every penny). An oversized, unfussy button down. Nude heels that match my skin color perfectly (learn more about the founder’s morning and evening routines). A bag that fits everything and brights up my day with its flirty color.

It may be basic. But it also suits my my busiest days.

And that’s all I need. And maaaaaaaybe a glass of champagne.

Good days must be celebrated, after all.

More things that made today great – setting up this planner (which I’m test-driving this month), this eye mask (which helped me fall asleep quickly), and my new daytime face cream. What’s something that made your day great? COMMENT below and let me know!

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