Duster + Dress

I’m having a red moment.

There’s this dress, that’s taken me to investor meetings and holiday parties alike. There’s the blouse I reach for on the ‘what the hell do I wear?’ days – today being one of them. And this has been my secret weapon dress (paired with my go-to black booties and tights right now).

But this outfit is me.

Solid. Layered. Classic. Elegant. Bold.

At least, it’s the me I want to be.

I own this duster in three colors – burgundy, navy, and olive – and reach for them when my outfit needs a little something extra. Throwing them on top of a matching dress is effortless, but looks so polished.

Especially the Emily. There’s a reason I own her in red and in blue. She’s the perfect dress.

This styling trick has virtually doubled my work wardrobe, without spending a single penny.

Paired with my longtime favorite pumps and Dagne Dover’s latest and greatest, and I’m ready to take virtually anything on.

The subway during rush-hour for school drop off (swapping heels for these flats, of course). Investor pitches. 16 hour days. Delayed flights. A date night – either with my husband or with myself.

It’s the perfect outfit – for me, anyway.

What I’m wearing to holiday parties, the other work outfit I rely on, and a more casual fall/winter look. I share a new outfit every Wednesday. You can find them all here.

photography by Patrick Henley