Navy and White

Forget Indian summer. This weather is just summer.

And when all you want to wear are sweats (these pants are especially cozy) and drink hot chocolate, 80 degree weather throws a wrench in those plans.

Curse you, weather.

It’s generally fine when I’m working from home. I throw on my usual boyfriend jeans and worn t-shirt and go about my day.

But when your day involves lunch at the Gramercy Park Hotel and a coffee meeting, a more polished look is required.

Enter this outfit. I fall back on my trusty navy top and trousers from MM.LaFleur, and add a navy bag and heels for good measure. A crisp white blazer adds the perfect touch, and wearing it draped over my shoulders keeps me relatively cool.

At least in terms of body heat. When it comes to my personality, it’s anything but cool.

As long as the weather stays like this, I’ll be reaching for this outfit. I may have to repeat it next week for a big work meeting.

I have #betterthingstodo than shop, or stress over what to wear.

But just in case the weather does cool down, I’ll be reaching for this dress or these pants and top instead…

With the same white blazer, naturally.

I also rely on this outfit when I need to look pulled together, and this dress is perfect for the office and weddings alike. I publish a new outfit post every Wednesday. You can find them all here.

photography by Cristian Pena