Wonder Woman has her leather leotard and skirt.
Supergirl has her cape and knee-high red boots.
Hillary Clinton has her pantsuits.
Anna Wintour has her sunglasses.

I have the Zulma.

This is the dress (and full outfit, if we’re being honest) that I reach for when I need to feel my best.

I first wore it to an editors’ dinner for my book. I wore it to an engagement party.

And I wore it again last night, for a business dinner at Marea.

It’s rare to find a dress that’s equally stylish, work-appropriate, and comfortable. MM.LaFleur always delivers, but this dress feels more special (even more than the one named after me).

It may be the draped front. It could be the swishy skirt. Or it could be this rich green that makes any skin tone glow.

Whatever it is, it makes me feel like my best self #inmyMM. And when you’re raising money or building relationships, it’s exactly what I want to wear.

Not sponsored – I just truly love this dress (which I purchased), and am proud to be a customer and investor in MM.LaFleur.