Friday Nights

This is what I do every Friday, around 4 p.m.

I do a massive brain dump in my notebook and tentatively schedule all my tasks. I respond to as many e-mails as I possibly can. I close my laptop, grab my latest novel, and head out the door.

It’s the happiest hour. Literally.

I visit one of my favorite local spots (in addition to these, I also love the Mermaid Inn, Pizzeria Sirenetta, and Crave Fishbar). I order a glass of wine (usually sparkling) and a snack. If the weather’s nice, I’ll sit at a small outdoor table.

I relax.

While I’ve only recently restarted this tradition, I can already see a difference. I get far more done on Fridays, the wine and book fueling my productivity. I’m a lot more relaxed on a Friday, instead of completely drained.

I’m just happier. And I’m probably much nicer to my husband.

I used to do this regularly when I lived in Philadelphia – before marriage and babies, before the blog, and before my career in pharma. I’d submit my commit for the following week, grab my latest book, and stroll down the street to one of Manayunk’s cozy restaurants before the happy hour crowd hit. I’d leave just as the restaurants and bars started to fill, usually to grab dinner and get ready to go out.

Aaaah, the glory days.

My Friday night plans are a little different now. I pop over to the wine store to pick up a new bottle of red before heading home and throwing on my pajamas. I prep the burgers for our dinner, set up my air fryer for the fries (a game changer, I’m telling you). I enjoy a glass of wine and a small cheese plate with my father, pay our nanny, and build MagnaTiles towers with Rho.

Admittedly, I’m not dressed this well (I’m usually wearing this sweatshirt and jeans, hair in a messy bun, no makeup). But I’ve surprised myself at how frequently I wear this sweater, and almost always with these jeans.

It’s the perfect I-need-to-look-pulled-together-but-be-comfortable outfit, especially with these ankle boots (designed by an orthopedic surgeon, though you’d never guess it) and the crossbody you’re probably sick of seeing.

It’s a good bag. And it’s a good outfit, from my Friday self-date to a day of meetings at The Wing.

I may have to wear it tomorrow. Or Friday.

It’ll work for both.

Photography by Patrick Henley