The Color I’m Wearing All Fall

Wine. I love it.

I love the smell of it. I love the sound the cork makes as it’s pulled from the bottle. I really love the taste of it.

And the color. It’s gorgeous.

It feels very rich, and warm, and cozy.

Basically, it feels like fall. And finally, the weather does too.

A silk blouse and skinny jeans is a go-to outfit when I’m running around the city. It’s as polished as it is comfortable, and this rich color gives it an extra oomph.

I’m admittedly late to the tucking-shirts-in-jeans game, but I am HERE for it. I always feared that it would make me look bigger, but it does the exact opposite.

Which is key, given how much mac-and-cheese I’ve been eating lately.

The dark lipstick is a new change for me, but I love the statement it makes to an otherwise classic outfit. This little detail, along with simple gold jewelry and a tan bag, makes a simple outfit special.

And any excuse to wear my leopard print booties (a total steal from Target) is one I’m all about.

From a night out in Denver to a long day running around New York, it’s an ideal outfit. One I will be wearing again very soon…

Is tomorrow too soon?

The dress I wore in Colorado, and a more casual take of this outfit. I share a new outfit here every Wednesday. You can find them all here.