Mom Jeans

“I would never let my kid watch an iPad when we go out to dinner.”
“Of course my kid will eat everything I give him.”
“Mom jeans? NEVER.”

Oh, how wrong I was. About it all.

I think about when I started this blog 8 years ago. I had just met my husband, started a new job, and my idea of a good Friday night was going out dancing (and recapping the night over cheesy hash browns at a diner). A good Saturday morning was nursing my hangover with greasy Chinese food and reality TV, only to do it all again on Saturday night.

Oh, how things have changed.

These days, a good Friday night is getting Rho to bed on the early side, a dinner of burgers and fries, a bottle of red wine, and catching up on shows. Saturdays are for sleeping in until 7, making pancakes for breakfast, and wrestling Rho into the stroller for some kind of adventure. Saturday night looks a lot like Friday – cooking dinner at home, opening another bottle of wine, and mixing things up with a movie.

My weekend plans aren’t the only things to have changed – my outfits have, too.

Time at home is for sweats or pajamas, hair in a topknot, and with this mask soaking in my skin. Instead of heeled boots and going out tops, I’m reaching for a bold graphic t-shirt and flats that can hold up to chasing my kid in a museum or park.

A roomy crossbody is my bag of choice, filled with hand sanitizer, sunglasses, lip balm, and sunscreen. And a small truck or train always seems to find its way in there too.

All those assumptions I made about motherhood years ago – the iPads, the eating, the jeans – have flown right out the window. I happily cede my iPhone for Rho to watch Dino Trux while we’re eating out. If he’s not up to trying something new, I’ll order one of his staples (anything with cheese).

And mom jeans? Well…here you go. These Everlane jeans are as comfortable as they are stylish (to me).

My 25 year old self may be judging me. My 33 year old self could care less.

My life is perfect – exactly how it is.

Further proof that I live in this outfit, and the one I’m trying to live in more. I share a new outfit every Wednesday. You can see all of my outfits here.