Apple Watch Review

Apple Watch Review by Hitha On The Go

Let me say one thing first – you absolutely do not need a smartwatch.

That said, having one (first the Titan Juxe, and now the Apple Watch) has helped my life quite a bit.

There are certain features I use throughout the day, and others I use a handful of times.

And then there are features I don’t use at all (either due to functionality or on purpose).

In short – it’s a great tool to have (and I’m definitely more active/productive when I wear it).

But the days I skip it are fine, too.


  • Activity Tracker – I use this watch to log my workouts (with the sports strap) and my daily activity (with this double strap). I actually do get up and walk around when it prompts me, and I obsessively track my steps during the day.
  • Watercheck – I know it’s a bit ridiculous for a grown woman to rely on an app to drink enough water, but I need the reminder to rehydrate. I use the Apple Watch app more often (for reminders and to log my daily water intake) than the phone app.
  • Ping My Phone – no explanation necessary. I can never find my phone. This feature solves that problem.
  • Answer Calls – I’m talking into my watch at least twice daily because of the aforementioned can’t-find-my-phone problem. This is the most handy when I’m wrangling Rho, prepping something in the kitchen, and have to answer the phone.
  • Rho’s Ultimate Toy – have you changed a toddler’s diaper? It requires a full circus to keep them still while changing them as fast as possible. If I slip the watch off my wrist and hand it to my kid, changing him becomes a breeze. #momfail (or #momgenius?) You decide.


  • Delta – there has been the rare occasion when my phone is at the bottom of my bag and I’m boarding a flight. Thankfully, the Delta app has my boarding pass loaded and works just as well as the phone’s digital boarding pass.
  • Calendar – I still grab my phone first when checking my calendar, but calendar alerts buzzing at my wrist will typically get my attention first so I can wrap up a meeting or call, or run out the door.
  • Apple Pay – again, one of those things I don’t remember to use (both on my phone and my watch). But I’m more likely to twist my wrist (than grab my phone) to make a purchase.
  • Shazam – I re-downloaded this app SOLELY for the Apple Watch. I’m forever asking “what song is that?”, and tapping at a watch face is a lot less embarrassing than grabbing your phone and lifting it near the speaker.


  • Mail – I manage all my e-mail accounts through the Gmail app for iOS, which doesn’t have an Apple Watch app as well. Turns out – it doesn’t need one. Not all e-mails are created equal (I’m looking at you, random sale alerts) and thus doesn’t require my immediate attention. I disabled the banner and alert notifications from the app, and my watch and phone batteries are all the happier for it.
  • Apple Camera Remote – I had no idea this existed until recently. And I should start using it, immediately.
  • Stocks – does anyone use this app, either on their phone or their watch? How can I get rid of this once and for all? Same goes for you, Apple Maps. Long live Google (on the app front).

I would love if the Watch could operate independently from your phone, and if the apps were a bit more functional. Those two limitations stop me from saying “you absolutely need this product!”

If you want one, I doubt you’ll regret it. And if you can live without it – you’re probably better off and more calm than I am.


Do you have an Apple Watch, or another smartwatch? How do you use yours to improve your life? COMMENT below and let me know!