Outdoor Voices, Indoors

I don’t need a reason to wear a full sweatshirt/sweatpants look. But only a special (and dare I say stylish?) pair is worthy of bugging someone to take a picture of me.

Outdoor Voices is special. Most activewear lines are designed to be active in, but aren’t always the most comfortable to just live in. This line is designed to support the toughest of workouts, and the laziest of lounging.

Is it worth the price? I leave that to you – but judging that I wear this set 2-3 times a week, I think it is. I wear the pieces separately too – the top with jeans for weekend walks in Central Park, and the pants with a plain black sweatshirt for running errands in the neighborhood.

That said – $150 for a sweatsuit is a lot of money. So I’ve included some more budget-friendly sets (also love this one – I wear a size large) in the widget below.

Keep calm and lounge on, friends.


P.S. – my other work-from-home uniform, and how I dress up sweatpants.

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