Mom Style, Elevated

I WISH I looked like this every day.

The thing is, I totally could. And I want to.

Throwing on this dress and jacket requires less effort as pulling on a pair of jeans and a clean t-shirt. I could dab a bit of concealer and quickly fill my eyebrows with the extra minutes saved.

And my hair lives in a bun already – this low style is just a little bit different.

These flats are as comfortable as my sneakers, and can easily handle the school commute.

There are so many stereotypes on what a mom should look like – fresh-faced in workout clothes, or dressed to the nines in a suit.

That’s not me. And that’s not what I see during drop-off every morning. But that’s another story, entirely.

I rely on this outfit mostly out of habit, not of actual choice. I feel fine in it.

But in this outfit, I feel awesome. And it’s mostly because of this dress from BURU.

My friend Morgan, with BURU, has been on a mission to help mothers elevate their mom style, effortlessly and easily. Every piece she designs and curates is machine washable, comfortable, and works for bumps and breastfeeding alike.

Her Instagram is also filled with style inspiration and real life stories alike. I adore it.

Not expecting or nursing? No worries – the styles will look great on you.

Throwing on a leather jacket is my favorite way to dress up any outfit, but I think a graphic jacket or a denim one makes this dress ready for fall.

I think I’ll have to buy this dress in gray. And black, once it’s restocked.

And whatever color Morgan decides to release next.

It’s that good.

photography by Alisha Kumar

What I’m usually wearing for school drop off, and the dress I wear when I need to feel my best.