Tan & White

On my wish list right now…

…to find the hours to finish my binge of The Good Fight (it’s so aggressively liberal, and I can’t get enough). To be rid of this cold (the Neti pot, lots of hot water with lemon and honey, and ginger shots are helping). To magically find 10 extra hours in every day.

Also, I’m wishing for spring. Real spring. Warm, sun-filled spring.

When the weather gods tease us with 58 degree weather and sunshine, I treat those days like a gift. And I dress up for them.

Jeans and boots are swapped for perfectly nude heels and a dress that feels very Out Of Africa. Puffers are traded for a tailored trench. A chic pair of sunglasses and my latest vintage scores (a statement ring and a small purse) complete the look, with a bold lip.

The drink? Rosé, of course. I’m in a spring state of mind, and nothing will stop me from indulging in this weather.

Until the next rainy, cold day that is. And then, you can find me in this.

Them May flowers better be SPECTACULAR.

My dress is from Shop BURU and my heels were a gift from Rebecca Allen. My trench coat, ring, and bag were steals from The RealReal – view all the coats here, similar coin rings here, and all vintage Gucci bags here. My sunglasses were a gift from Smoke & Mirrors last year, but here’s a similar pair.

When the weather isn’t nearly as agreeable, you can find me in this head-to-toe look, with a travel mug filled with matcha and my hair protected with this spray. I share a new outfit (usually) on Wednesdays. You can find them all here.