Lazy In Linen

I can get pretty lazy in the summer. Too lazy to blow dry my hair, too lazy to shave my legs on occasion, too lazy to even put on my usual makeup routine. It may have to do with the fact that my makeup melts off and my hair frizzes up 5 minutes after I walk outside.

Rather than fighting these urges, I’ve embraced them this summer. I bought some new outfits, pull my hair into a tight bun, and minimized my beauty routine. Just a generous application of mineral sunscreen and a dab of concealer, quickly filling in my brows, and a swipe of lip stain.

On the outfit front, my friend Morgan has my back. I’ve been living in this beautiful linen top and pants from her BURU White Label collection. I love that they’re not exactly matching, which mixes it up from my usual preference for matching sets. The top and pants are light, breezy, breathable, and make me feel stylish, while basically wearing pajamas in public. What’s not to love?

They also make a perfect travel companion, providing you pack some a stain stick. Wear the pants with a tank or henley, or pair the top with this excellent miniskirt or linen shorts. Boom – you have multiple outfits from just a handful of pieces. I wore this outfit multiple times in California, and you better believe I’m packing it for Portland and London. And probably Cuba.

It’s just that good.