The Best Coat For Winter Transitions

BB Dakota coatOld Navy blouse and jeans
Choies bootiesDagne Dover bagMM.LaFleur earrings

6 a.m. – Nope. not happening.

7 a.m. – Okay. I can do this. Peel myself out of bed and go through an abridged version of my morning routine – making the bed, journaling, and meditation. Rho is up and NOT happy. I empathize with him fully.

10 a.m. – Wow. The terrible 2s are NO joke. Rather than mainlining another double shot iced latte, I choose to work out. I’ve been looking for strength training workouts I actually enjoy, and PlyoJam seems to be it. It’s basically dancing around for an hour, with a ton of squats and jumping jacks and standing abs. I feel like a new woman afterwards. I throw on a classic white button down and jeans, and grab a warm coat that can handle the rain. No umbrella. You can take the girl out of Seattle…

Also, studded boots. Because the rest of my outfit is oh-so-basic.

12:45 p.m – catching up with Dina over lunch was just what I needed. She’s doing incredible things at Christian Louboutin, and is basically goals. As were her shoes, naturally. It’s raining when we leave the restaurant, but the hood in the coat keeps me pretty dry and warm. This coat is awesome.

2:30 p.m – stopped by the Moderne Press preview, and got to catch up with my friend Connie (the founder). We have kids the same age, and they’re also at the same ‘terror’ level. Kids, I tell you…

It’s also raining. And I forgot to bring an umbrella. I’m impressed at how well this coat protects me from the rain, and how quickly it dries after being caught in a rainfall.

4:30 p.m – meet with my friend Emily at The Wing. We catch up, and also brainstorm some partnership events between Six Degrees Society + How To Pack. We run into Janna, who happens to be a mutual friend to us both. God, I love The Wing.

7:00 p.m – meet up with Syl for a drink (which turns into several). We met over a year ago at a press event, and reconnected over Instagram. Her book is coming out later this year, and I can’t wait to read it.

8:45 p.m – finally make it home. My cousin Sreedhar is visiting, and whipped up his famous biryani (and mirchi kasala, which you can only find in Hyderabad) for dinner. I eat it. I eat a lot of it.

11:00 p.m – head up to my office and put the finishing touches on this post, which I’ve been typing all day.

11L55  p.m – Rho wakes up crying. I wait for a couple of minutes to see if he’ll self-soothe, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards tonight. I head down to comfort and snuggle him, and fully enjoy the moment for myself. He’s growing up so fast, and I want to enjoy every moment while it lasts.

Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time I fell asleep in his glider.

What’s your power item when the weather is terrible? COMMENT below and let me know!

P.S – what I wear when I don’t know what to wear, and what I wore at SXSW.



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