My Full Body Skincare Routine

Much like a third party presidential candidate, Tiffany Trump, or having cash at all times, your body’s skin get overlooked.

Which is a shame, because it is amazing.

It’s well known that your skin is your largest organ. But let’s take a deeper look (pun intended).

Your skin is your body’s armor – blocks germs from entering, alerts your nervous system to dangers, regulates your body temperature, and produces Vitamin D.

It does a lot. And it deserves a little TLC.

We all do the bare minimum required to care for our skin – cleanse, moisturize, maybe exfoliate. But I’ve been combining some traditional Indian methods with what’s available at my local Rite-Aid to give my skincare routine a boost.

I typically shower in the morning, and will slather my skin with an Aveeno body lotion (either their stress relief moisturizing lotion or skin relief moisture repair cream depending on the weather). I’ll also slather on some hand cream before heading out, also from Aveeno.

The evenings are when I pamper myself and my skin. I’ll light a candle, play Enya, and leave my phone in the other room as I’m getting ready for bed. 2-3 nights a week, I give myself an abhyanga (warm oil massage) using OGX’s coconut oil spray, which I warm up by running hot water over the bottle. Starting at my feet, I’ll spray and massage the oil upwards my leg, and continue spraying and massaging until I’ve reached my head. I’ll also give myself a scalp massage with this spray (I’ve found that the hair one works great for body) with a light spritz.

Sometimes I skip the oil in my hair, but I never skip the scalp massage. I use this tool as well.

After the massage, I dry brush my skin, from my neck downwards. Brushing on dry skin didn’t feel good and irritated my skin, but doing it after the oil massage has definitely improved my circulation and skin tone.

The cellulite, however, is still there. Oh well.

Most nights, the routine ends there. On a rare night, I’ll run a bath with Epsom salt and Aveeno‘s oatmeal bath and enjoy a book (and a glass of wine). I slather Aveeno‘s stress relief lotion on my skin afterwards, followed by Aveeno skin relief moisture repair cream on my elbows, knees, and feet.

I’m all about drugstore brands when it comes to body skincare. Since it’s the product I use the most (both in frequency and quantity), I appreciate a good value and being able to find it at any store.

The quality of drugstore products has also dramatically improved over the years, and the emphasis on cleaner products. Aveeno has been my go-to moisturizer for years (maybe over a decade?), and I love how they’ve thoughtfully expanded their line to address different skin types and into hair. The Stress Relief Lotion helps me calm down before the day begins, and the Skin Relief Intense Moisture Repair Cream is perfect for cold winter days or when my skin needs a little extra TLC.

OGX is a newer-to-me brand that I discovered on a random Rite-Aid run earlier this summer. I had just started doing the evening coconut oil massage, and was looking for a better oil to use that wouldn’t leave me so greasy (or slipping on my bathroom floor – which definitely happened). Even though this is technically a hair product, it’s perfect for skin. It sprays on nicely, doesn’t leave a greasy residue, and leaves my skin feeling so soft – even the next morning.

It also smells really nice – almost like a beach vacation. Which I could use right about now.

If you haven’t tried any of these products yet, now is the time to do so. Rite Aid is running a number of great promotions on the products, outlined below:

  • On 10/22, you can get buy-on-get one 50% on all Aveeno master brand products

  • Through the month of October,  you’ll get 800 Plenti Points with a $20 purchase on OGX (they also have a great hair care line)

How do you take care of your body’s skin? Comment below and let me know!


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