Hit List – October 2016

Blogger Hitha On The Go's Favorite Things in October 2016

It’s been a busy month. And a rainy one to boot.

Which makes these boots my best purchase of the month. They’ve kept my feet comfortable and dry in California, in New York, and will take me straight through the fall and winter (with cozy liners and socks).

Now if I could find an equally amazing raincoat. Any recommendations?

Is anyone else having massive issues with the new iOS on your iPhone? My phone will randomly shut off, and only turn back on when it’s plugged into a power source.

Thank goodness for this power tassel. It provides a charge and half for my phone, clips easily to my keychain, and comes with a convertible charger for it AND my phone. In a word – brilliant. Get 15% off with the code ONTHEGO15.

Another random lifesaver has been Drybar’s Detox dry shampoo for brunettes – it freshens my hair and easily covers up my gray roots (which seem to come in faster and faster).

Boom. Done. You know how much I love a multitasking beauty product.

During our move, the tip of my beloved chef’s knife got bent (I blame our incompetent movers). After months of complaining about the knife, my husband surprised me with this Santoku knife that Cynthia swears by. I love it more than my original one – it’s lighter, easier to use, and the chopped food falls off the blade easily. If you’re looking to invest in a lifetime, high quality knife, this is the one.

I finally finished Nemesis this month, on the recommendation of my friend Brett. In a word – WHOA.

The book, which claims to be nonfiction, alleges that Aristotle Onassis was behind Bobby Kennedy’s murder – among a lot of other things. If you think politics today is nuts, this book has the drama of Game Of Thrones, Homeland, and The Walking Dead rolled up in a single, allegedly true retelling of history. Read it for yourself (and come back to tell me what you think).

The only other thing I’ve been reading this month is the Washington Post app, every morning. The reporting is incredible (critical, intelligent, and relatively unbiased) and the app(s) offer the best digital reading experience I’ve seen. They’re offering a free month (and three different app versions), so download it and check it out yourself.

I rediscovered TeuxDeux, as I try to streamline my to-do lists and daily tasks (I still love the Productivity Planner, but wanted a second solution for the weeks I slack and don’t fill it out Sunday night/Monday morning). TeuxDeux is simple, elegant, and has enough features (recurring tasks, specifically) to meet my needs. The app is worth the small $3/month price, trust.

What random, game-changing discoveries have you made this month? COMMENT below and let me know!

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