The Hit List – August 2016

Hit List August 2016 - Hitha On The Go

July and August have been my “get my life together” months.

Well, August has been. In July, I Postmated Taco Bell and Shake Shack more times than I’d like to admit. Eeek.

And I have one person to thank for my health overhaul this past month – Ali.

Don’t know her? She’s the genius behind Inspiralized – the blog, the books, and the device. And her Snapchat is ADDICTIVE.

Our Inspiralizer has been used nearly every day since we got it. We’ve made pad Thai and linguini in vodka sauce with zucchini, spicy sweet potato fries, and insane beet salad that I’ve found myself craving as much as I do a Shack Burger.

And I basically want Shake Shack all the time. And I still let myself enjoy it – just not every other day.

Ali also drew my attention to the Peloton cycle – which is, by far, my FAVORITE thing of the month. It brings phenomenal studio cycling classes straight into your own home. The bike itself is the best I’ve tried (and I’ve been to Soulcycle, Flywheel, and Cyc). The instructors are fantastic and do a great job of engaging with you via the cameras. I’m on the bike nearly everyday, whether it’s for a live 45 minute ride or for a quick warm up before a strength workout.

It’s an investment, for sure (the bike starts at $1,995). But I haven’t regretted this purchase once.

Wireless headphones are one of those items that fall into the “solving 1% problems” category. They are thoroughly unnecessary, and I find that the white earbuds that come with Apple devices work just fine.

But I love my Powerbeats wireless earbuds so much. Case and point – they’re on this lighter-than-usual Hit List.

You don’t need them at all. But if you’re on the hunt for a new pair of headphones, get these.

Another nice-but-you-don’t-need-it item is this lavender neck pillow I picked up during the Nordstrom sale. I have a terrible habit of scrunching my shoulders while I work, and this weighted pillow helps me keep my shoulders in their proper position.

Plus, it smells amazing. Like, so damn good.

What I’m wearing – a lot of pajamas and workout clothes. But when I do get dressed, it’s usually this Everlane draped t-shirt and some sort of bottoms (dressy sweatpants and cutoff shorts being a favorite. A dab of Glossier’s cherry balm dot calm (which smells and tastes like a red Starburst – the best one), and I’m good to go.

I like to call the look “a warm mess” – not quite disaster, but not quite cool girl.

The only book I’ve read in the past month worth mentioning is Lauren Weisberger’s The Singles Game. As a lifelong fan of tennis and brain candy reads, this novel brought both of them together beautifully. A great book to read in anticipation of the US Open, no?