The Hit List – September 2016


Anyone else suffering from an awful cold?

If you are – do yourself a favor and binge on Madame Secretary. I got caught up on season 2 (in between blowing my nose and chugging grapefruit juice) last week, and it was even better than the first.

And while you’re on Netflix, fire up Stranger Things. I don’t know what I loved more – the kids, the return of the 80’s, or Winona Ryder. Probably, all of the above.

On the book front, I devoured the first two books of the Tearling trilogy. Yes, it’s YA. Yes, it’s a dystopian future with a strong female lead. But that’s where the similarities between this series and The Hunger Games or Divergent ends. What reads like a trip back to the old days (monarchy, random powerful gems, slavery) turns out to be so much more. I preferred the second book to the first, so keep that in mind when slogging away through the first.

And if you needed another reason to read this book – Emma Watson optioned the series and will be producing and starring in it.

In an effort to grow my son’s reading habit, I’ve been reading physical books (and short stories, at that) during the weekends instead of my Kindle. Jessi Klein’s You’ll Grow Out Of It debuted with a lot of praise, and all of it was well-deserved. The book is hilarious, thoughtful, honest, and adequately hyped. If you have any essay/short story book recommendations, I’m all ears! Or eyes. You know what I mean.

The only podcast I’ve managed to keep up with is Keepin’ It 1600, hosted by 4 former Obama aides that is hilarious (if you’re liberal) or infuriating (if you’re conservative). They’re also providing pre/post-debate coverage on Facebook Live, which I’ve found to be MUCH better than the usual CNN/MSNBC/Fox News coverage. And funnier. And the hosts are pretty easy on the eyes, too.

Those who follow me on Snapchat are now familiar with my love for the Urban Decay Brow Box (I have it in brown sugar). I was a late bloomer for all things makeup, and only started to fill in my brows just a couple of years ago.

If I only had discovered this product sooner. The box has everything you need to fill your brows beautifully, and has serious staying power. As in, they still look perfect at the end of a humid, hot, 16 hour day. If there’s one thing you buy from this post, make it this. It’s. The. Best.

Once the weather dropped to a pleasant 70 degrees, I bust out these Sol Sana mules that I’d purchased months ago. They’re just as comfortable as my beloved Gucci slides, but warmer and at a significantly better price. I’ve been pairing them with skinny pants (J.Crew Pixie and J.McLaughlin Becca on rotation) and an Old Navy boyfriend blouse. These are the only blouses that fit me perfectly – no gaps at the chest, just enough fit in the waist. I just added this one, this patterned number, and a new flannel to take me through fall and winter.

Your turn – any fun discoveries you made this month? And I’m serious about the essay/short story recommendations – fire away!

What I loved in August, June, and May.