Everyday Luxuries

The little things can really make a huge difference.

It can be as simple as a hot bath in a candlelit bathroom, when everyone else is asleep. A pair perfectly soft and worn lounge pants.

Give me 8 hours of sleep, and I feel like I can take on the world.

And while my favorite pants aren’t always clean (Old Navy has yet to bring them back) or I’m too tired to take a bath, these three indulgences have helped make every day a better one.

Iced Latte Nespresso


Drinking a cup of coffee, while it’s still hot, is a rarity.

Which is why I’m thrilled to have discovered the ‘cold froth’ setting on the Aeroccino. A morning iced latte (usually downed while chasing Rho) has been an amazing way to start every day. And to jumpstart my afternoons, if we’re being honest.



  • Prepare the espresso to your preference (strength, flavor) – I make the largest shot possible (and sometimes 1 large, 1 medium). Once the espresso is brewed, stir in your preferred sweeteners (I like two stevia packets or a teaspoon of honey).
  • Pour milk in the Aeroccino up to the second line. Hold down the button until the blue light appears, and release.
  • Fill up a pint glass with ice. Pour the espresso and milk in iced glass, and stir. Add extra ice if needed.



There’s being an adult. And then there’s being an adult who won’t lose expensive sunglasses.

I think I’ve finally transformed into the latter.

Every time I put on these Tom Ford sunglasses, I feel…awesome. I stand a little taller, walk with a little more swagger, and feel like I can conquer the world.

The innate knowledge that I can trust myself to not lose said sunglasses probably helps with that extra swag.

While this pair was a gift from SmartBuyGlasses, I have my eye on this pair and these ones to add to my collection. Great prices, virtual try-on, and a pair donated to someone in need – what’s not to love?

Adulting, for the win.



When it comes to my current jewelry game, I’ve been erring on the side of minimalism.

Just my wedding and ruby rings, my Apple Watch (with this strap) – and now, this cuff.

It’s classic. It’s edgy. And it just makes me happy, even though it takes a minute to get on and off.

Worth it? Absolutely. Now I want it in silver and rose gold

What little luxuries help add a little something to your everyday? COMMENT below and let me know!