The Hit List – May 2016

HITHA ON THE GO - Hit List May 2016

May, you beautiful, glorious month. You came and went too fast.

It was a satisfyingly full (and exhausting month). We closed on our home and took a much-needed vacation to France. I finished the last round of edits of my book. Rho started saying “mama” with regularity.

I probably could have worked out more (or at all), but c’est la vie. That’s what June is for, right?

Another highlight of May was how much reading I managed to do. Four books truly stood out (I also read The Assistants, Villa America, and Z – enjoyable, but not quite Hit List worthy). Bloodline was my absolute favorite (Claudia Gray + Star Wars = magic). The book follows Princess Leia’s journey after the fall of the Empire as she navigates the politics of the New Republic. I suffer from permanent Star Wars withdrawal (#nerd), and this book was a fantastic (if temporary cure).

If you haven’t read Gray’s Lost Stars, you should. I re-read it the moment I finished it – it was that good.

I also got around to reading Jojo Myers’ popular Me Before You and After You – mostly due to the trailer for the film. I had written them off as frivolous and silly, but quickly ate my words as I got lost in Louisa and Will’s story. Myers deserves a lot of credit for tackling the political “death with dignity” issue with great care and sensitivity. I was both crying and smiling when I finished Me Before You. While After You wasn’t as strong of a book, it did provide the closure I desperately needed.


I avoid writing about motherhood for a number of reasons, the main one being that I find it very difficult to put it in words. Enter Motherlucker – a raw and honest blog on motherhood from a personal and a societal point of view. I feel a kinship with the author, Yael Braun – our sons are nearly the same age and we both juggle our own businesses with raising toddlers. Yael has a very warm, friendly tone in her posts – you feel like you’re having a conversation with her over a strong cup of coffee while your kids are playing. With so many new blogs launching every day, it’s rare for one to grab my attention the way this has. Add it to your reader – you won’t be disappointed.

A show has to be extraordinary for me to start when my favorites (Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley, Orphan Black) are on the air. Enter The Night Manager (which mainly serves as Tom Hiddleston’s audition to be the new James Bond). This show has everything – politics, conspiracy, a badass woman character, murder, and attractive shirtless men. Both Hugh Laurie and Hiddleston were outstanding in this 6-episode miniseries. It’d make for a perfect TV binge on a rainy summer day.

Rounding out the ‘things I love reading/watching/listening’ part of the list is the Failure Factor podcast. Simply put, you learn more from your failures than your successes. I’m thrilled that there’s finally an outlet that shares this side of entrepreneurs’ stories. Episode #2 (featuring the founders of Sakara Life) got me hooked, and I recommend you give it a listen before hitting subscribe.

Amy has been saving my calendar and inbox this month. A virtual assistant (powered by X.AI), I simply copy her on an email to schedule anything – a meeting, a call – and she takes care of it.

Get on the waitlist now – I was on it for about 8 months, but it was worth it.

With so much happening this past month, I was mainly in slob mode. That said, when I did have to leave my apartment and look somewhat presentable, I relied on these Rag & Bone shorts and Preen sunglasses to hide the mess that I was. Hot mess -> haute mess.

I’ve also swapped my increasingly heavy tote bags for this backpack from STATE Bags. Stylish and lightweight, it carries my entire life (laptop, fabric samples, food) without giving me a back ache. I also love STATE’s philanthropic focus – for every bag sold, the company gives a backpack filled with supplies to a child in need.

Hands-free style while giving back? I’m all for that. I also have my eye on this leather version.

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Got any favorite discoveries from the past month? It’s mean to keep them to yourself. COMMENT below and share your May favorites!