3 Things I Do (And Don’t Do) On Every Flight

Having flown over a million miles in the course of my life, I have three rules I always follow when I board an airplane. Whether I’m on a quick flight in a tiny aircraft or 15 hours in a middle seat, I stick with them to stay healthy and sane during the flight.

Mostly healthy. I think it’s quite difficult to stay sane when traveling today (looking at you, United).

Once I reach my seat, I immediately wipe down my seat area – the seat belt buckle, the tray table, the armrests, the window shade (and the window itself) with a sanitizing wipe. I love the Birdie sanitizer from OKILA – it’s a strong sanitizer spray that smells wonderful, and comes with wipes in the bottom. I use this religiously at home as well – after I’ve been on the subway, on my iPhone and computer, and when going anywhere with Rho. It’s a genius product.

After I’ve cleaned the area around me (and settled in with my Kindle, noise-canceling headphones, and blanket), I reapply sunscreen. After getting a mild sunburn during our flight to Charleston on one side of my face, I’ve become religious about wearing no makeup while flying and applying a light sunscreen to my skin before my requisite emollient. I was glad to discover I’m not alone in this tip – Ada, the CEO of Alchimie Forever, does the same on the recommendation of her dermatologist father. SPF is your friend – both on the ground and at 30,000 feet above sea level.

During the beverage service, I stick with water (or occasionally ginger ale), no ice. I’ve stopped requesting both ice or hot coffee/tea on flights after reading this article. The coffee and ice machines aren’t cleaned between flights, let alone on a daily basis, and are teeming with bacteria. While I’ve never gotten sick from this, I refuse to take any chances anymore and stick with plain water (or wine, if I’ve been upgraded) during the flight. A visit to the Delta Sky Club or a Starbucks is usually necessary for a caffeine boost and healthier snack options.

There’s a lot you can’t control when it comes to flying – delays, mechanical issues, getting booted from a flight. But if I can prevent myself from getting sick or damaging my skin, I’ll take it.

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Do you have any rules or rituals you follow when flying? COMMENT below and let me know!

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