Travel Tip – Flight Etiquette

Flight Etiquette

I’m the furthest thing from  a modern-day Miss Manners (I leave that to the lovely Annie Dean), but I’ve been horrified by the recent news of flights being grounded due to fights over reclining.

This is no minor disagreement.  We’re talking about battles resembling those of a Real Housewives reunion – drinks in your face, profanity, the works.

And it has to stop.  Because those who suffer are the poor souls who behave politely and appropriately, both at sea level and up in the air.

These tips are nothing more than common sense advice that you already know.  However, a little brush-up never hurt.

After all, I’d hate to find myself flipping my tray table in retaliation to an aggressive recline.  Stranger things have happened.

In-Flight Etiquette

Additional travel etiquette tips here and here.

Story time!  What’s the most horrifying behavior you’ve ever witnessed on a flight – a person getting knocked in the head by a wayward suitcase, a verbal battle over an armrest, or something even worse?  While this wasn’t horrifying, I was mistaken for a flight attendant once.  I was happy to get an actual attendant to assist the passenger (the poor thing looked ill), and I never wore my navy blazer on a long-haul United flight ever again.  COMMENT below and share your tale.  I can’t wait to read them.