En Route With…

En Route With…Sasha Muir

September 8, 2014

Sasha Muir, founder of the beloved butter LONDON nail polishes and creator of my favorite wallet (ever!), will have you raiding your kitchen for the ultimate packing aid.  Given her frequent jaunts between Seattle and London, this woman knows exactly what she’s talking about.  And she’s kind enough to share her tricks with us in En Route With…

Sasha Muir
Founder, butter LONDON | Co-Founder & CEO, BEVEE

When I pack for a trip, I tend to oscillate between spending a lot of time on the perfect packing strategy OR I pack everything in my closet in a mad last minute dash. Neither is optimal.

When I do give myself time, I try to pack well in advance depending on the size of trip. If I’m going on say a family surfing trip to Costa Rica, I’ll start at least three weeks in advance, but if I’m visiting New York on business three days feels like enough time.  No matter what, every trip starts with a list. When I’m choosing my clothes, I’ll take pretty much my entire wardrobe, lay everything out on my bed, think about the possible outfit combinations that I’m ‘feeling’, and get rid of items that don’t work. It’s a constant filtering process. At the end I’ll end up with outfits that have one or two top options to every one bottom and add jewelry.

My secret packing weapon is the Ziplock bag. Yes, I am obsessed! I place each outfit into a large Ziploc bag, squeeze the air out to make them super compact, and pack them separately. Sometimes, if I’m really on it, I label the bags with what’s inside or where I’ll be wearing it.  I only pack one type of each shoe style that I need for the trip – one pair of flats, one pair of heels, etc. The shoes have to work across all of my outfits.

I always carry my passport and other airport essentials in my BEVÉE convertible clutch wallet. I wear it as a crossbody through the airport then detach the strap and toss it in a tote bag in flight. Short or long trip, I always invest in a high-quality rolling suitcase. I’m a strong believer in making investments in quality materials and products that last.

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My favorite En Route With features profile entrepreneurs doing amazing things in the travel industry. Ruzwana created Peek when she faced the challenges of booking activities for an upcoming trip to Turkey. Sarah‘s jetsetting consulting days factored in the design of wrinkle-resistant M.M. LaFleur dresses. Kristi, featured today, designed a beautiful, multi-wear piece that spans climates and seasons without sacrificing style.

Kristi Aynsley
Founder, Encircled and Retail Bliss

In the past few years, I’ve averaged about 100,000 miles flown each year. I’m a road warrior who has a very, very bad case of wanderlust.

Even when I’m not traveling for work, I’m traveling for pleasure or plotting my next destination. Travel gives me perspective, and has taught me more about people than years of schooling.

I used to be a notorious over packer, but after a broken suitcase while packing for a trip to Costa Rica, I was forced to re-evaluate my packing habits. This was also the inspiration for my fashion line, Encircled. We create ethically made, eco-conscious apparel versatile enough for travel, and chic enough for every day wear.

The majority of my flights are done as carry-on only. I loathe spending excess time in the airport and flying carry-on only allows me to spend minimal time before flights. My go-to carry-on is the TUMI International expandable 2-wheeled suitcase. TUMI is legendary among my consulting colleagues, as they make well-made suitcases that have the function that frequent fliers need. It was definitely an investment piece but well worth it given the extensive travel I do every year!  My packing process is quite regimented and usually done the night before I fly – I have a mental list that I use every time. I even channeled my packing skills into a free downloadable packing list for others. As long as I have my passport, and credit cards, I know I’m okay even if I forget a few things.

Nevertheless, I seem to always forget at least one thing and it’s usually my hairbrush. So weird.

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En Route WIth…Julia Dzafic

September 16, 2013

I’m back!  Thanks for being patient with me as I recovered from this pesky infection and waded through mountains of work.  I’m holed up in the Bombay airport, waiting to check in for my flight.  Hell would be nicer place to wait.  While I suffer through smelly neighbors and eardrum-crushingly loud announcements, enjoy reading the latest installment of ERW – I’m featuring my close friend and fellow entrepreneur Julia of Lemon Stripes.  Enjoy!


Julia Dzafic
Founder & CEO, Lemon Stripes

I am a bit of a freak when it comes to packing. Oh wait – I’m a freak about most things, given my OCD tendancies. Here’s my deal: I make a list 2-3 days before my trip, even if it’s just a weekend at home in New Hampshire. The day before, I pull out everything that I need for the trip and organize it in piles on my bed (separated by shirts, pants, work out gear, etc). Once I can see everything laid out, I usually realize that I’m insane and don’t need 5 dresses for a 3 day long weekend and take out the extras.

I fold everything as neatly as possible, and always stuff my socks and undies into a bag so they aren’t floating. My other trick is that I always put each pair of shoes into a shoe bag so that they don’t touch my clothes (Hello OCD!).  Next comes the jewelry which is the most important part of packing for me. I always need multiple jewelry options for each day I’m away so this is where I really go crazy. I have a Gorjana jewelry wallet and fill it to the brim with necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. My sister never packs accessories when we go away together because she knows I’ll have so many with me!

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