En Route With…

En Route WIth…Julia Dzafic

September 16, 2013

I’m back!  Thanks for being patient with me as I recovered from this pesky infection and waded through mountains of work.  I’m holed up in the Bombay airport, waiting to check in for my flight.  Hell would be nicer place to wait.  While I suffer through smelly neighbors and eardrum-crushingly loud announcements, enjoy reading the latest installment of ERW – I’m featuring my close friend and fellow entrepreneur Julia of Lemon Stripes.  Enjoy!


Julia Dzafic
Founder & CEO, Lemon Stripes

I am a bit of a freak when it comes to packing. Oh wait – I’m a freak about most things, given my OCD tendancies. Here’s my deal: I make a list 2-3 days before my trip, even if it’s just a weekend at home in New Hampshire. The day before, I pull out everything that I need for the trip and organize it in piles on my bed (separated by shirts, pants, work out gear, etc). Once I can see everything laid out, I usually realize that I’m insane and don’t need 5 dresses for a 3 day long weekend and take out the extras.

I fold everything as neatly as possible, and always stuff my socks and undies into a bag so they aren’t floating. My other trick is that I always put each pair of shoes into a shoe bag so that they don’t touch my clothes (Hello OCD!).  Next comes the jewelry which is the most important part of packing for me. I always need multiple jewelry options for each day I’m away so this is where I really go crazy. I have a Gorjana jewelry wallet and fill it to the brim with necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. My sister never packs accessories when we go away together because she knows I’ll have so many with me!

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Clara has been a blogger-turned-friend for most of this year.  We first met during this photo shoot, but our friendship really picked up steam when we discovered a mutual obsession with Pitch Perfect, Netflix original programming, and Lo & Sons bags.  She brought an amazing watermelon feta salad to my rooftop potluck, and we’ve been firm friends since.  Besides being a social media maven, Clara pens the mouth-watering and eye-catching blog Channeling Contessa and is an all-around badass.  Plus, this girl knows how to travel.  Read on for the details…


Clara Artschwager
Social Marketing Strategist | Blogger, Channeling Contessa 

My first job out of college was in marketing at a healthcare consulting firm. After rising the associate ranks, I was put on the road- for 22 off site meetings a month. Yes. 22. That meant I was on the road from Monday through Thursday each week. Suffice it to say, I did not last long in this role, but the experience really taught me how to pack efficiently. Unless I’m going away for more than two weeks, I always carry on. Part of that is the hassle (and cost!) of checking a bag, and part of it is the love affair I have with my suitcase. Right before I hit the road for that job, I invested in a new suitcase- a sweet little Ricardo elite that has been my best travel companion (aside from my boyfriend) for the past six years. I’m a perpetual planner, so I always pack the night before. Skirts and dresses get rolled, the rest is folded and sectioned into tops, bottoms, pjs, and workout clothes.

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En Route With…Joanne Ooi

August 12, 2013

If you haven’t heard of Plukka, you’re sorely missing out.  The classic-but-edgy fine jewelry, featuring diamonds and other precious stones and metals, are priced incredibly well.  The company’s founder Joanne Ooi, is a natural fit for ERW as she’s based on Hong Kong and travels internationally.  A lot.  I loved putting together this feature, and I hope you love reading it.  And note to self – invest in a Halliburton suitcase IMMEDIATELY.

en route with joanne ooi

Joanne Ooi
Founder, Plukka

I’m in between a minimalist and an overpacker.  I’m based in Hong Kong but travel quite a lot and spend the summer in Europe, where I have a house in the countryside in England. The latter is always hugely challenging because England tends to be seriously cold sometimes, whereas my continental peregrinations tend to take me to warmer climates.  When it comes to luggage, I use Zero Halliburton, the original James Bond aluminum luggage which predates Rimowa by decades and is totally indestructible. Rimowa may be popular but many of its components are weaker than Halliburton’s!  I have a full set, from carry-on to large size.

I always pack apparel first, then, shoes, followed by undergarments. At the very end, I add my toiletries, separated into wet and non-wet categories.  I generally avoid too much fussy, woven clothing, because it creases too easily. I roll. And am a sparing user of a suit bag when it’s necessary.  I never understand why a person would ever pack far in advance.  It means that you’d be checking everything you’d already packed AGAIN on the eve of departure, when completing the pack. Like most things I do, I like to do the job at the last minute, from beginning to end, in one session.

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