En Route With…Marissa Kraxberger


Marissa Kraxberger is the VP of Creative at Rag & Bone, the creative producer for Rag & Bone Films, and a mother of three.  This is how she packs and travels.

I tend to be a minimalist packer, although my husband tends to disagree! I like to be prepared, but I try to pack things that can work a couple different ways. I have learned over time that the better I plan my looks and focus on key pieces I love, then I can keep the overpacking at bay. We use Swiss Army suitcases, but I am looking into purchasing a Rimowa. I’ve heard they are great. I swear by my Truffle pouches to keep my personal item organized - I use them for my tech, magazines, beauty items, just about everything. It all goes inside my Louis Vuitton Neverfull, which holds everything and I can just throw it all in.

I normally pack my kids, then my husband and then myself. While my husband could certainly pack for himself, I am not always so thrilled with his choices. After all, we will be taking photos so his choices matter! For myself, I think about the days that I will be gone and what I will be doing. Then I choose looks and fold them together so they are in order. I am not a roller! I have never understood that, but I guess I can see how it saves space. I have to see things visually together. I normally pack a week before and then I repack the night before to make sure I like my choices (eek! I sound crazy!). Whenever possible I like to carry on bags. My dad was a pilot for 35 years for Delta so we always flew standby and carried on luggage…its kind of all I know.


I like to be early to the airport. Part of that is leftover from being a standby passenger…while I love traveling, the whole waiting for the flight and getting on board gets me a bit stressed at times. I signed up for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck to avoid lines. It makes a MAJOR difference, especially when traveling internationally. Normally my husband and I are pretty organized so security isn’t a nightmare, but when we travel with the kids and our teacup yorkie it does take a bit longer. That said, our kids are awesome travelers and really well behaved. Once inside, we like to hang out in the Delta Lounge. It’s totally worth it to just be able to chill and spread your legs. The kids love the snacks and we love the cocktails!


What I do up in the air depends on where I am going. I normally watch movies. I love to read but then I tend to fall asleep! I try to use travel as a time to relax, decompress and take advantage of no one being able to reach me. The fact that I can’t do anything but sit there means that I can just chill and not think about things I should be doing instead. I am a definite aisle person. I hate being trapped in my seat. I normally drink wine on the flight, or just water. I’m not a snacker so I normally either eat what they serve or just eat when I get to my destination. I love my Beats headphones for travel. I always have a Moleskine notebook for any creative epiphanies I might have. To stay comfortable, I have my furry eye shades, furry socks and a neck pillow that I am kind of obsessed with. AND I never travel without my Kindle, MacBook Air, or Mophie. On the beauty front, I always pack my Tata Harper stress treatment rollerball, moisturizing cheek/lip tint for a face refresh, and Evian facial spray.

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photographs courtesy of Marissa Kraxberger