Travel Tip – Fighting Germs On The Go

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Travel is prone to all kinds of challenges – delays (be they mechanical or weather-related), dealing with awful fellow passengers, and GERMS.

Air travel is in incubus for viruses – everything from the common cold to, well, Ebola.

Let me assure you that it’s near impossible to contract Ebola by being in the same aircraft as a patient. Ebola is not airborne, nor is it transferrable via touch. You need to come in contact with a patient’s bodily fluids to risk transmission.

That said, you should wipe up any spills with a sanitizing wipe near you before sitting down.

The common cold (and the flu), however – those are nasty beasts that are easily transmitted. Consider the re-circulated air and confined space in an airplane, and you’re likely to get sick if a neighboring passenger is coughing.

I come prepared for contact with cold and flu viruses while traveling. And now, you can (and should!) do the same.

Fighting Germs On The Go


I’d love to know – what do you do to stay healthy and prevent getting sick when traveling? COMMENT below with your top tips.  

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