This Week

Miss me?

I missed you, for sure.

I wish I had exciting updates to report. But aside from our Stockholm trip (a last minute adventure thanks to my husband’s work), things have just been all consuming on all fronts.

If it didn’t have to do with Rho (the human or the company), it fell to the wayside. And while things have settled a bit for both Rhos, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Anyone else? Just me?

In an effort to help me recharge, I declined all my evening events this week and made it a point to go to yoga every day, to cook dinner with my dad every evening, to put Rho to bed every night, and to crochet while watching 45 minutes of one of my shows (Supergirl, Killing Eve, Sweetbitter) once everyone has gone to sleep.

It was bliss. I feel like I’m ahead on the work front, fully connected to my family, and feeling like myself again. It’s something I won’t take for granted again, especially as we grieve Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

This weekend, I’m out east in Montauk for my dear friend’s bachelorette. I’m excited for a little beach time, catching up with my girlfriends, and rosé sil vous plait.

If you’re in DC, I hope you can join Abra and I for an evening of conversation and cocktails at MM.LaFleur on June 14th! You can find all the details and RSVP here.

In case you missed it…

Take care of yourself, call a loved one, and have a wonderful weekend.

photo by Jonny Clow