The jumpsuit I’ve been wearing all summer. The layering piece I’ll be wearing all fall and winter.
Together, it’s the outfit I’m unapologetically wearing until it’s too cold to wear it any longer.

Encircled’s Jetset Jumpsuit has been the ultimate power piece this summer. I’ve worn it with stylish sneakers and a large tote for marathon work days at The Wing. I’ve worn it with heels and a statement blazer for evening events. I’ve worn it with a denim jacket and simple flats for the many flights and road trips we took this summer.

It’s the best.

I reached for the jumpsuit on a mild summer day, and also reached for the Spanx arm tights I had purchased months ago.

The result – kind of perfect.

The concept of arm tights is genius. I’m self conscious about my arms, and I hate passing over my favorite sleeveless work dresses and tops during the cooler months. These cropped tops solve that problem, with the style and comfort that I’ve come to expect from Spanx. These have quickly become a favorite of mine, along with their faux leather leggings and their Bra-lellujah.

Paired with a belt, my favorite flats, and a crossbody borrowed from Alisha, and you have my uniform this fall.

Now to find the right pieces to take it into winter…

Other outfits I’m excited to bring back this fall – this bomber/dress combo, my favorite fleece tunics, and all the outfits featuring this color.

I share a new outfit on Wednesdays. You can find them all here.