The Cape I’m Always Wearing

7 a.m – alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

7:30 a.m – alarm goes off again. Drag myself out of bed. No time for the morning routine. I quickly brush my teeth, wash my face, and throw on the sweatshirt and jeans I laid out last night – monochromatic gray, for the win.  Apply a little makeup, twist hair into topknot, and done.

8:00 a.m – get Rho changed while he drinks his milk. Try to get him to eat toast while I gulp down a latte and eat Indian leftovers. He’s not having it.

8:45 a.m – off to class! Pushing a stroller through slush is no joke. Calling it a workout as we rush downtown. Even though we arrive a little late, Rho has a ball in class.

11:30 a.m – we’re home – and so is Naleeni! She gets Rho into his high chair and makes him lunch while I do the same for myself. Leftover enchiladas it is. And coffee #2.

12:15 p.m – hit the inbox first and start responding to e-mails. Thursday’s Pod Save America episode is playing to get me in the mood – I’m going to see a live taping tonight with Megan!

2:00 p.m – team call with my Bridge2Act co-founders. We give updates, make decisions, and quickly catch up. Their stories are infinitely more interesting than mine.

4:30 p.m – rush to my room to touch up my makeup and throw on this cape. Jewelry? These earrings are perfect. Run to my window to film a Boomerang while the light is still good. Realize I forgot to apply lipstick. Boo.

6 p.m – give Rho a hug and kiss and say goodbye to my parents. Throw my snow boots and winter coat on and rush out the door. I’m running late. Big surprise.

6:45 p.m – sit down to a dirty martini and a charcuterie board with Megan at Grand Army. Realize it’s the first time this week that I’m not in Mommy or work mode. It’s nice. And a little foreign – I need to do this more.

10 p.m – the live taping of Pod Save America was amazing. Jon Lovett is, by far, my favorite. Hop in the subway home.

11 p.m – tired and hungry. Everyone is asleep. I eat a bowl of Lucky Charms while scrolling through Instagram before going to bed. Sleep, sweet sleep.

Question – do you like these formats for outfit Quick Hits? I thought it’d be nice to put a little context around the outfit and give you a peek in my day-to-day. COMMENT below and let me know if you like this or want me to go back to the old version. Or do away with outfit posts entirely.

P.S – I have a thing with this cape. And monochrome outfits.