Basic In Blue

This outfit is basic, at best.

But if I’m being honest, it’s the outfit I probably wear the most. Especially in the fall.

The high-rise jeans suck in my abdomen and make me feel thinner than I actually am, an ego boost I appreciate when I’m throwing on my clothes before rushing Rho to school. Current/Elliott makes the only tops where the buttons aren’t straining at my chest, or I have to size up and get the top tailored.

I know it’s a first world problem, and a 1% problem at that. But it is a slight nuisance.

This jacket – a steal from Target – has been my grab-and-go piece since I returned home with it from Colorado. The quilted detailing and tailored fit makes it more stylish than my trusty Uniqlo, and its light weight has been ideal for the warm fall we’ve had.

And sneakers. It’s an obvious choice, given that I may have to carry Rho in his stroller down a flight of stairs in the subway, weaving and bobbing to avoid the other passengers.

This outfit isn’t just for a weekend getaway, or for a hike. Thisis one of those daily outfits that aren’t making waves from a style front, but fit my life perfectly.

Especially the backpack and sunglasses – which my kid tries to steal every day.

It’s my reality. As is the dress I wear when I need to feel my best, the sweatpants I throw on the second I get home, and the pajamas I wear every night.

photography by Nathan for Flytographer