Three Years


I love you for bringing me tea in bed every morning – even when I’m a grump.
I love you for beating me mercilessly in Scrabble.
I love you for being so financially responsible – even if it means I have to wait another month to buy those shoes.
I love your family.  And how you love my family.
I love how you always make our lives an adventure.
I love how calm you are when I’m angry, and how fired up you get when I’m calm.
I love how you cheer me up when my teams lose.
I love your knowledge of all things news, politics, and business.
And how you roll your eyes at my expansive celebrity gossip or sports expertise.
I love how you make me a better person, every single day.

Most of all, I love being your wife.  Here’s to many, many more years together.
Happy 3rd anniversary.

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