Slip Up

I’m all about a slip dress. But finding the right one can be a challenge.

It should cling the right curves, and flatter the areas you’d rather not show. It should feel luxe, not cheap. And it should be thick enough to be considered a dress, and not like you forgot to put on more clothes before walking out.

Like I said – a challenge.

This slinky number by Velvet is the ideal dress. It skims over my wobbly bits, is satisfyingly soft and reasonably thick, and the emerald green is just stunning.

It also layers like a dream – with a thick turtleneck worn over it, or this genius item thrown on underneath. But my favorite way to wear it is like this – with a gorgeous lace bralette peeking from underneath, my go-to leather jacket, and sky high heels.

And a cheeky clutch. I love a cheeky clutch.

I’ll be packing this dress for our upcoming weekend away. And maybe the entire outfit.

It’s just that good.

This bralette would also look gorgeous underneath, and this underwear is virtually invisible with slinky pieces like the dress. You can find my entire makeup routine here. This sweater/skirt combination and these looks would also be perfect for any date night, from casual to formal. I publish a new outfit every Wednesday. You can find them all here.