Pack This – Dryer Sheets

Packing Essential Dryer Sheet

“You pack the most random stuff.” – virtually anyone who travels with me.

I prefer to think of myself as a packing McGyver, repurposing bar items to pack my jewelry and office supplies to pack my toiletries.

One of the most random items? Dryer sheets.

Why am I pillaging my laundry supplies when I pack for a trip? Read on…

So fresh and so clean-clean
I discovered this handy use while on a business trip in Las Vegas, which we can agree smells awful. To get offending odors out of clothing (especially heavier items, like suits and sweaters), rub a dryer sheet all over the item. The sheet absorbs the odor, leaving your clothing smelling like it just came from the dry cleaners.

No stinky suitcases
Popping a dryer sheet in your laundry bag absorbs all the gross smell from your dirty clothing, keeping your luggage smelling like, well, not dirty laundry. (Another tip – wipe down your suitcase with a sanitizing wipe after a trip to keep a myriad of germs out of your home and off your body).

Wipe it up
Black shirts. White deodorant. Deodorant marks inevitably ensue.

A dryer sheet will wipe that right off without marking the rest of your clothing.

I typically go through 3-4 dryer sheets in any given trip, and keep about 10 sheets packed in a baggie in my suitcase at all times. No muss, no fuss, and great smelling clothing.

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