“Sarah Strong wants everyone in the class to wear grey. She says it’s this great equalizer in addition to color therapy.”

Confession – I was thinking about this line, in this book, when I selected this workout outfit from Old Navy.

What I didn’t consider? That it would be my favorite thing to wear – for working out and for running around my neighborhood.

It was only a matter of time before my love for monochromatic looks flowed into my workout style. And it started with this outfit.

It’s everything I love in an exercise outfit. The bra provides adequate support to runs and intense training sessions alike. The t-shirt is baby soft, but easily wicks away sweat (it’d be a perfect travel t-shirt, incidentally). Colorblocked leggings are far more exciting than my usual black ones, and the shades of gray are more subtle than others.

The pants don’t fit me perfectly – while the medium fits like a dream at my hips and waist, they’re a little baggy at the ankle. And while the small hugs my ankles and calves like a dream, it creates a muffin top around my stomach.

At $32, I can live with it. Especially when said workout outfit motivates me to push harder and go along with whatever torture my trainer has planned for me.

One-armed burpees? Sure.

Kettle bell circuits? Got it.

Run-row pushes at speeds I’d pass out at? Let’s do it.

Battling Whole Foods at peak times in the rain? Boom. Done.

Imagine what we could accomplish if we could wear workout clothes all the time.

These are my favorite running sneakers, and I slip these hooks over my AirPods when I exercise, to help keep them in my ears. I swear by Aaptiv and my Peloton cycle when I’m not working out with Benjamin. I share a new outfit every Wednesday. You can find them all here.

Special thanks to Old Navy for gifting me this outfit. All opinions are my own.