Ethically Navy

I love an all-navy outfit (as seen here, and here). I also love easy, comfortable pieces when I’m working from home.

Hello, Monday’s outfit.

Lately, I’ve been careful about what I’m adding to my closet. Beyond the “do I need this” (or want it), I’ve been paying attention to the materials, how it’s made and sourced, and the companies themselves. I love these easy, simple pieces from Encircled and Everlane. They’re versatile, super soft, and in my favorite color to wear.

I’ll be filing this look to repeat on Mondays (my strict work-from-home days) and for gloomy weekend days.

look for less

P.S – another navy lounge look (I have a problem), and the sweatshirt I’m still wearing all the time.

Well, that was quick.

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