If there’s one item I feel comfortable about splurging on (for myself and for holiday gifts), it’s an item feels and looks as good as it does for the world.

And LXMI (pronounced luxe-mee) does just that. It’s a luxury skincare line that’s sustainably produced, all-natural, and pays all of its employees (up and down the supply chain) an above average wage.

LXMI‘s products, most importantly, works. They’re rich and hydrating, without clogging your pores. And while the scent took some adjusting to, I’m now a fan of the exotic, light fragrance.

These products are also perfect for winter. Both the cream and the melt are on the heavier side, which helps lock in moisture and rehydrate your skin during the colder months. I use the cream during the day, and the melt at night as an overnight mask.

Slip them in a Cuyana travel case set (another company that does good and makes beautiful items), and you have the perfect gift for beauty addicts and global activists alike.

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P.S. – the only nail polish color I wear, a sweatshirt that you’ll live in (and gives back!), and the one thing I do every evening to relax.

Well, that was quick.

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