Quick Hits are short posts that peek into my life – what I’m wearing (and where I’m going), what I’m cooking and eating, and the things I can’t get enough of right now.

mug c/o – tea

I love a routine.

They make me feel centered and focused. They ground me.

They’re basically the only thing that helps me keep my s*$t together.

I’m still figuring out a solid evening routine (mornings, I got), but I have definitely found comfort in an evening ritual – a cup of tea before bed.

It doesn’t matter if I sip it while reading a book, working after everyone’s gone to bed, or while watching the Eagles while typing up this post (I’m sipping Kava Stress Relief to cope with this game). But a cup of tea, in this mug, has done wonders for helping me ease into a better night’s sleep.

Now to figure out a full evening routine. Baby steps, right?